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Arcturus Therapeutics is actively engaged in partnering discussions. Our strategic alliances fall into several categories

Please contact Mark Herbert, Vice President of Business Development at regarding any business development, licensing and therapeutic collaboration opportunities.

Mark R. Herbert joined Arcturus Therapeutics in November 2015 and serves as Vice President of Business Development and Alliance Management.  Prior to joining Arcturus, Mr. Herbert served as Head of US Business Development and Sales at STA, WuXi AppTec’s small molecule development and manufacturing division, where he was responsible for all North American business development and marketing activities.  Prior to WuXi AppTec, Mark served as Director of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Aragon Pharmaceuticals which was acquired by Johnson & Johnson for $1B in 2013.  Mr. Herbert’s background includes over 15 years of experience in business and technical development of large and small molecules working across a number of different platforms and therapeutic areas at Aragon Pharmaceuticals, Victory Pharma, Kalypsys and Anadys Pharmaceuticals.  Mark holds a M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry from Indiana University and an ACS Accredited B.S. in Chemistry from Kent State University.  He is an author or inventor on over 45 peer-reviewed manuscripts and U.S. patents and has led or contributed to 13 investigational new drug (IND) filings and 1 new drug application (NDA).




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