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RNA-based vaccines are a potential new class of RNA medicines. RNA vaccines can be developed more rapidly than traditional vaccines in response to infectious disease outbreaks. Unlike traditional vaccines, RNA vaccines can also be effective in infected patients. Therefore, these vaccines can be therapeutic as well as prophylactic.

RNA vaccines can be generated using either messenger RNA (mRNA) or self-amplifying RNA. Both mRNA vaccines and self-amplifying RNA vaccines provide genetic instructions to the body’s own cells to unleash a potent immune response against infectious organisms. However, self-amplifying RNA vaccines require lower doses than mRNA vaccines because they can reproduce themselves inside immune cells.

One of the major obstacles in RNA vaccine development is delivering the RNA to immune cells. Naked RNA is rapidly degraded in the gut and bloodstream. We are using our proprietary LUNAR lipid-mediated delivery system, in partnership with Synthetic Genomics, to develop self-amplifying RNA-based vaccines and therapeutics for both humans and animals.

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