Arcturus Therapeutics


We believe our two proprietary technology platforms solve major hurdles in RNA medicine development such as delivery challenges, limited potency, and narrow therapeutic index.

LUNAR® Mechanism of Delivery Video


Our first platform is a novel lipid-mediated delivery system called Lipid-enabled and Unlocked
Nucleomonomer Agent modified RNA (LUNAR®). LUNAR® is a multi-component drug delivery system that is versatile and
with our library of over 150 proprietary lipids, diverse. Our preclinical studies have shown that formulations can
be customized for the indication and target cell type of interest. We have also demonstrated that our formulation
process is scalable and reproducible.

LUNAR®-mediated delivery of RNA into cells

LUNAR® particles associate with the cell membrane of a target cell of interest and quickly enter the cell via endocytosis.

Upon entering the cytosol, the LUNAR® formulations then become trapped in the endosomes.

With increased acidity as the endosome ages, a pH-mediated disruption enables release of the RNA payload following rapid biodegradation of the LUNAR®components.

Once release of the RNA into the cytosol occurs, the translational machinery can interact with the RNA and processing and/or trafficking can then take place to make functional protein.


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