Arcturus Therapeutics

RNA medicines have the potential to treat any disease caused by a genetic mutation or malfunctioning protein. However, one of the biggest hurdles to developing safe and effective RNA medicines is the ability to deliver the RNA to affected cells.

Arcturus’ patented Lipid-enabled and Unlocked Nucleic Acid modified RNA (LUNAR™) delivery technology is a safe, transient delivery system that can transport all types of RNA medicines to target cells. LUNAR is biodegradable and biocompatible and has shown excellent safety and potency in multiple animal species.

LUNAR nanoparticles can be modulated to target specific cell types. The nanoparticles encapsulate RNA and deliver it straight into the cell via a process called endocytosis. During this process the LUNAR nanoparticles fuse with the cell membrane and enter the cell. The lipid-mediated delivery are rapidly degraded leaving the RNA inside the cell where it can work.

Unlike viral vectors, LUNAR nanoparticles do not accumulate inside targeted cells, are not immunogenic and cannot cause insertional mutagenesis. Pre-clinical in vivo studies have shown that LUNAR technology can prevent potency drift with repeat RNA medicine dosing.

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