Arcturus Therapeutics

Small interfering RNA (siRNA) medicines can treat viral infections like hepatitis B and diseases like Huntington’s disease that are caused by malfunctioning proteins.

Each siRNA binds perfectly to one messenger RNA (mRNA) and tells machinery in the cell to destroy the mRNA. This mechanism, called RNA interference, or RNAi, can be used to prevent mutated genes from being translated into defective proteins that cause disease. It can also stop viruses from replicating inside our bodies.

Arcturus’ unlocked nucleomonomer agent (UNA) Oligomer technology can be used to make safer, more effective siRNA medicines. siRNA medicines can sometimes work like microRNAs and bind imperfectly to unintended mRNA targets. Adding UNAs into the siRNA sequence can prevent these off-target side effects. Synthetic siRNA medicines can also stimulate an immune response. siRNAs containing UNAs do not cause an immune response because the body does not recognize UNAs as foreign.

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